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Wonderful Stationery Icon Set PDF Print E-mail

Wonderful Stationery Icon SetThis is a useful set of 22 vector icons (256 by 256 pixels). It contains book, brush, crayon, clip, color pencils, document, eraser, pad, palette, post-it note, scale and scissors, as well as the Fireworks source file. In particular, you may want to use the set in corporate designs and on blogs for various purposes. The set was designed by Deziner Folio and is released in conjunction with Smashing Magazine as a gift to our readers and the design community.

Superficial Soccer Icon Set PDF Print E-mail

Superficial Soccer Icon SetThis set was designed with the owners of sport-related websites in mind. If you are a fan or have designed a soccer-related website, these icons may come in handy. The set contains 8 icons in resolutions ranging from 32×32 to 512×512 pixels. It was designed by the design agency Artua especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design Icons PDF Print E-mail

WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design IconsThe WooFunction Icon Set includes 178 amazing web-related icons in a sophisticated and glossy design style. All 178 icons are available as 32×32 pixel PNG files and they are indeed pixel-perfect. If you have an in-depth look at the individual icons, you’ll notice that Liam has spent a lot of time paying attention to the finer details, which means that this is a really classy icon set. Here; have a look for yourself:

Function Premium Icon Set: A Set of 148 Great New Icons PDF Print E-mail

Function Premium Icon Set: A Set of 148 Great New IconsWefunction has been working hard to create these beautiful icons exclusively for GraphicRiver. They are a great addition if you already have this free icon set, they are done in a similar style and could be used together. The new icons are a lot more refined and clean, with a lot more new icons that may have been missing from the first set. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Icojoy.com - media source, stock icons PDF Print E-mail

Icojoy.com - media source, stock iconsIcoJoy products are stock icon sets which are ready for use. If you're looking for high quality and affordable icon designs you are at the right place.

Socialize Part 2 Icon Set Icons PDF Print E-mail

Socialize Part 2 Icon Set IconsSocialize part 2 is the new release from DryIcons' laboratory. The second part of these icons were demanded by many of DryIcons users, so they developed the new "Socialize part 2" free icons set which contains the most popular social-network icons, placed inside a sticker and making them easy to use in all kinds of projects. Although initially intended to be used by bloggers, these icons go beyond that and can be used in almost any website. This free icon set contains 12 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.


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